Q. How does the Webon One-Page Instant Site Builder work?
A. It takes the information you give it by filling in a form, automatically places that information into a Webon site, and publishes the site to the Internet.

Q. Can I see an example of what the published site will look like?
A. Yes, there is a sample site you can look at. Be aware that this site uses one of the Webon styles... but there are many others to choose from. Click to see Sample Site

Q. How long does it take to make a site with it?
A. Just a moment or two.

Q. Do I have to fill in all the text fields?
A. No, you can fill in as many or as few as you like. There are no required fields.

Q. Can I make changes to it after I publish it?
A. Yes, once you click the "Publish" button the site will be moved into the Webon Editor and you can make as many changes as you like, as often as you like. When you are happy with your edits, click "Publish" again and your changes will go live. Do this as often as you like.

Q. I published and was happy and logged out, now it's later and I want to edit my site again... how do I find it?
A. Sites you create with the One-Page Instant Site Builder will appear in your Tripod Control Panel under the "Webon Site Manager" area... right at the top of the page. Just click the link that says "Edit" next to any site and you'll be taken to the Webon Editor where you can update and change your site at will.

Q. Can I use the One-Page Instant Site Builder tool to edit my site again?
A. No, but you can edit the site with the Webon tool as often as you like. The Instant Site Builder Tool can be used again and again but each time you use it you will be creating an all new site.

Q. Can I add additional pages and features to my site?
A. Yes, you can add as many pages and features as you like. It's all built-in to Webon and already a part of your account.  Visit the help page, Page Manager for information on adding, removing and deleting pages, and other capabilities available to your in the Page Manager. 

Q. What if I don't like the style choices?
A. Once you move it into Webon you can choose from any of the dozens and dozens of Webon styles. You can switch styles as often as you like with just a single click of your mouse.  Visit the help page on Design Styles for information on changing your Webon Style.

Q. What URL will my site be published to?
A. It's your choice... the 1st time you use the tool it will ask if you want to publish to the "main page" of your account, which means that the site will be published to http://your_username.tripod.com (where your_username is your actual username... so if your Tripod username is, "marysflowers" then your site would be published to http://marysflowers.tripod.com) OR... you can publish to a "subdirectory" of your account such as "family" (so if your Tripod username is, "marysflowers" then your site would be published to http://marysflowers.tripod.com/family)

Q. I really like my new site... can I buy and use a Domain Name instead of my http://username.tripod.com address?
A. Absolutely! You can buy a Domain name starting from your Tripod Control Panel and apply it to your site.