Additional Resources

You've made a site with Webon and published it but you want to do even more to improve it. Here are some helpful resources to assist you.

Webon Examples Site

We've created and published a Webon site that uses all the features so you can see them in action…what they look like and what they do. This can give you some ideas of additional things you could do to your own site to improve it and make it more functional

List of Webon Sample Sites

These are different than the Examples Site. They are complete, working websites about fictional businesses that really look and act like real sites. There's a lot of variety here... Carpentry, Beauty Salon, School, Band, Restaurant, Realtor, etc.

Tripod Knowledgebase

If you have questions about things relating to your Hosting account that do not involve Webon the Tripod General Knowledgebase can be helpful. It covers general Hosting topics like FTP, Billing, Domains, etc.

Contact Support

We make it easy for you to connect with someone if you have a question about your Webon site. There are three ways to get help, you can choose your preferred form of communication below.

  1. Ask the Tripod Community:  Log in to our online forum, post your question and get answers from fellow Tripod customers and moderators.  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Open a Ticket with Support: Creating a help-ticket is a great way to create a productive back-and-forth exchange with a Tripod Support Agent. Open a new ticket
  3. Contact Support by Phone: If you want to speak with a representative, Phone Support is available to all paid users of Tripod.  Call us at: 1-866-971-5039 (USA/Canada) or 1-902-367-3826 (International).